The ‘True’ Cloud Communication World Problem

The growth of the new ‘true’ cloud communication (old call center) world of today has however a downside and it’s not coming from Microsoft or Amazon or Google, but the intended communication service providers of this ‘true’ cloud themselves. The models of big corporate software providers have and always will be based on an ‘on-premise’ product like model thinking. The big corporate transition from ‘on-premise’ to ‘true’ cloud has still brought about the same thinking, that being a ‘product like’ model.

The problem with a ‘product like’ model is that a business must model themselves around the specific type of thinking a ‘product like’ model has been built on. The business is then hooked into this ‘product like’ model for a lengthy time period causing frustration as there is no product ‘flexibility growth’. Once the business has completed their frustratingly long period of time with this ‘product like model’, the business then moves onto another software provider and the ‘product like’ model frustration cycle starts all over again.

Despite the immense progress made over the last few years, there still exists this persisting gap between consumer expectation and the inability of software providers to provide the end user with what they really want. It is getting better, but a mindset shift takes a long time (software providers has always been about the growth of themselves and not that of an end user expectation), something end user will not continue accepting. Integration development of newer technology will always be the glue that bolsters business market growth, with ‘true’ user expectations being the ‘key’ focus.

Business and not software providers, irrespective of shape or size, need to keep an eye on market developments and be the drivers of this ‘true’ user expectation.

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