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Manage routing of all real time events from Genesys Cloud to any destination

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Genesys Cloud real-time Notifications and Alerts

Genesys Cloud has many real time data notifications that can be used for call center analytics, alerts, push notifications or execute that data in a format that allows for an immediate reaction or monitor. These can be found at available topics. The list is extensive and is regularly being updated. The data is not formatted and it's hard to handle it.

What is Noralogix Microsoft Event Grid?

Microsoft Azure Event Grid allows you to easily build applications with event-based architectures.

The Noralogix Event Grid application is a middleware application that sits between Genesys Cloud and a clients Microsoft Azure instance. The roll of the middleware application is to monitor in realtime, every interaction of a Genesys Cloud clients system and then extract data based on rules set up on the clients Microsoft Azure system, this data can then be sent to anything Microsoft, most CRMs, most databases, and event AWS S3, without any coding.

This is an extremely efficient way to gather real-time data that is required to run a business when the need arises.

First, select the Genesys Cloud notification you would like to subscribe to, and then give the event handler or Webhook endpoint to send the event to. You can use filters to route specific events to different endpoints, multicast to multiple endpoints, and make sure your events are reliably delivered. Microsoft Azure Event Grid is deployed to maximize availability by natively spreading across multiple fault domains in every region, and across availability zones (in regions that support them).

Microsoft Azure concepts

There are five concepts in Azure Event Grid that let you get going:

  • Events - Genesys Cloud Notifications
  • Event sources - Noralogix EventGrid
  • Topics - The endpoint where publishers send events
  • Event subscriptions - The endpoint or built-in mechanism to route events, sometimes to more than one handler. Subscriptions are also used by handlers to intelligently filter incoming events.
  • Event handlers - Azure Logic Apps or Azure Function reacting to the event.

What can a client do with Noralogix Azure Event Grid?

Event Grid connects Genesys Cloud notifications and event handlers in Azure. You have all control over the real time data and can use it with common client-built items like AI negative Genesys Cloud client email responses, Genesys Cloud metrics monitoring or connect your data with BI tools the list is endless.

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