Genesys Cloud Chat Transcribe

Transcribe Genesys Cloud chats to email. Completed chats will be automatically email to a client.


As a standard, Genesys Cloud does not offer email chat transcribe that will automatically email the completed chat conversation to the client, if requested by the client. However, there are several custom ways one can approach this to have it working. Noralogix approach below.

Customer case study

Client X asked Noralogix to design an on-premise Genesys Cloud email chat transcribe solution. We decided to run the custom application on an IIS solution based on ASP.NET Core API (Application Programming Interface) as well as using SQLite database. The API was able to accept requests from the frontend, create task records in SQLite and lastly to send the completed chat transcribe to the client in the form of email.

API request approaches

The first request was to get all conversations using Conversation Aggregates API.

Other requests included loading chat conversation details with attributes by ConversationId Conversations API.

Once the chat conversation was completed, it was then possible to load the chat transcribe with the help of Recordings API.

Once the API process was completed it was then possible to send the chat transcribe by email. For email sending functionality we used NuGet package MailKit and a MS Office365 account. The only limitation was only being able to send a set number of emails per one minute.

NB: A critical component of the application was BackgroundService which when in an infinite loop was reading tasks from the database and trying to load the chat conversation from the Genesys Cloud.


  • Over the time our clients have received happier clients, agents, and chats using this solution.
  • The 1st version released it was not possible to scale. So, we decided to split the application into two pieces. The first piece was a Web API on IIS and the second piece BackgroundService as a separate windows service inside the .NET Core application.
  • Instead of the infinite loop we started using Genesys Cloud Notification and Web Sockets. Instead of MS Office365 account we started using SendGrid.
  • It was not easy to deploy and run the application on premise and we spent a lot of time on different infrastructure approaches instead of designing business features. As a resolution we decided to move the entire solution to Azure Cloud.
  • Instead of Web API we designed Azure Functions. SQLite data we migrated to Azure Storage. BackgroundService we migrated to the App Service Web Job.

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