Genesys Cloud Power BI

Genesys Cloud dashboards have different limitations.

  • Requires multiple licenses.
  • Can’t run it full screen.
  • Can’t share dashboards with other teammates.
  • Can’t save dashboard as PDF, or other formats.

With Power BI and Noralogix it is possible to build your own real time dashboards. And you can use all nice Power BI tools and features.

How it works?

Login and setup process take 1 minutes.

After that you need to subscribe on topics and metrics you want to monitor -queues analytics, -agents analytics aggregates

Use build-in dashboards or create your own Power BI dashboards with all tools and features. It’s very easy to manage Genesys Cloud analytics data in the Power BI with such dataset:

You just need to create your dashboards with multiple visuals and that’s it.

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