The World in a Cloud

We should not avoid change, change is inevitable, technology is and will always be the backbone to all business growth. Technology with all its connected devices and intertwined networks has become more complex technically but more ‘freely’ available for everyone. With all this newfound ‘freedom’ end user client expectations have grown tremendously. This sudden end user expectation has caught businesses off guard, and they now battle to keep control of their markets using their old technology ideas. For many years’ businesses have adopted ‘on-premise’ (hardware and software installations on a business site) technology solutions to address their client’s needs.

However, the end user has become more techie ‘freedom’ smart over the last few years causing a ripple effect with businesses trying to stay at the top of their game while using their traditional ‘on-premise’ technology solutions. And so, the business evolution to true ‘business cloud’ (storage, application and severe services accessed through the internet for a small cost) modelling has begun, and as for us end users, well let’s just say we have already knowingly or unknowingly, been using our ‘freedom’ smart cloud computing stuff for a very long time (Gmail, Google).

  • Public cloud — Available to anyone at a cost
  • Private cloud — Owned by a business not for external use
  • Hybrid cloud — Owned by a business allowing external access to certain components

**Public cloud is the dominating type

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