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Noralogix REPO361 is SAAS shared GENESYS Cloud client reporting and dashboard application that is built to adapt to change by offering free monthly client add on requests.

Noralogix built the most advanced Genesys Cloud reporting application. Why is it so advanced, because you the Genesys Cloud client brought your uniqueness to it.

Conversations Analytics

  • Search and review conversations with extensive filters by External Participants, Organization Name, Agent and more;
  • Each customer interaction contains different metrics that may improve any variety of organizational improvements;
  • Easy filtering, grouping and export to PDF, EXCEL, CSV formats.

Performance Analytics

  • Reviews past performance trends to predict what will likely happen in the future;
  • Compare data across agents, queues;
  • Abandoned call rate;
  • Agent productivity dashboard;
  • Agent presence statuses;
  • Wrap-Up performance summary;
  • Granular filtering, click and drill down reporting;
  • Dashbaord and visual summaries;

Quality Score

  • Quickly identify negative customer feedback on dashboard viewing;
  • Analyse all workgroups, queues, and all agent scores to key in on that negative customer feedback;
  • Analyse real time drill down data;
  • Make enhancements changes to the current evaluation process;
  • Build teams training schedules based on accurate real time client feedback;
  • The right tools to print and download customer negative feedback for further analysis;
  • Quality question groups trends;
  • Evaluator performance;

Workforce Management

  • Adherence monitoring;
  • Daily adherence analysis;
  • Daily schedule analysis;
  • Custom schedule adherence;
  • Schedule Adherence to CSV;

Data is crucial to business making decisions

Keeping track of call center metrics is key to improving call center productivity and customer satisfaction. This process takes some time and money. You can make the process more efficient by using call center reporting software like Noralogix REPO361. We can help you make better and fast decisions.

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