Power BI Connector for Genesys Cloud

Reports, real-time dashboards in Power BI easily with no-code

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Looking to connect Power BI to Genesys Cloud?

These are just some of the daily challenges we come across that Genesys Cloud clients encounter:

  • I must wait for a developer to give me the Genesys Cloud data I want.
  • I have multiple costs for different features.
  • Requires multiple licenses.
  • I must wait for my software application partner to give me the features I want to us in our Power BI application.
  • Can’t share dashboards with other teammates.
  • I must get a support team to monitor my real time and historic events.
  • I must get a support team to monitor Genesys Cloud APIs.

Noralogix took all the above concerns that were addressed to them by Genesys Cloud clients and simplified this process, saving clients time and money. No more planning sessions required just start working within 1 minutes to install Power BI Connector for Genesys Cloud. Our Power BI solutions enables you to stream all your data from Genesys Cloud.

Just 3 steps to start:

  1. Install application
  2. Subscribe to metrics you want to monitor
  3. Create reports and dashboards with your data

Some more value add-on features

  • Power BI pre-built examples for your real-time Genesys Cloud dashboards, we will build all your requirements if you require, we just ask a small fee for these services.
  • Tracking call center data trends with historical and real-time reporting.
  • Security is our utmost importance; your Genesys Cloud historic data is securely controlled by you in your region.
  • All your real-time data uses true real time web sockets, we don’t just pull API data like others.
  • Connect your data with Power BI Report Server.
  • Daily historic structured Genesys Cloud Analytics API data.
  • Pull historic Genesys Cloud data into any data store and format ready for report building in Power BI.

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