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How to export Genesys Cloud data?

The below Genesys Cloud Analytics types are provided as standard features to get your data in a different way and format:

  • Instantaneous Observations metrics
  • Aggregate metrics
  • Detail Record metrics

These mechanisms are very powerful, but require coding skills and usually it is difficult to determine which approach to use for a particular situation. Also, they have certain time limits during which you can download your data and limits on the number of API calls.

The Noralogix team has created a convenient and simple tool for exporting a large amount of historical data in CSV format. You just need to select the required date and download data in one click.

Available Genesys Cloud data:

  • Conversation attributes
  • Conversation details
  • Conversation summary
  • Conversation session summary
  • Users
  • Users primary presence
  • Users routing status
  • Queues membership
  • Evaluations
  • Surveys

As a standard we store your Genesys Cloud raw data access for 30-days on a Azure instance of your region. The reason we do this is just in case you lose some data and need to access it again. After 30-days the data is automatically deleted for data protection reasons.

Start creating your unique reports and analyze data in your own way that meets all your needs.

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